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The Art of Cool Lift Face Massage

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Discover NEW ‘cross-over’ beauty procedures that will make your clients feel refreshed and look wonderful! Learn face massage protocols using marble stones and hot stone massage stones that help erase minor lines and reduce the look of stress on the face. Expand your repertoire of spa and massage skills with hot and cold stone techniques demonstrated by world-class professionals. This DVD features up-close video footage of massage strokes and stone manipulation accompanied by expert narration. Cold marble stones activate twelve energy points and a nourishing honey lotion combine with massage e techniques to create a temporary face-lift. What you’ll learn: How to create the ultimate, cold stone face massage or facial to tighten the skin and muscles of the head, neck and décolleté. Basic equipment, set-up and supplies required for warm and cold stone face massage techniques. Thermogenic benefits of hot and cold stones including the effects on metabolism, circulation and the nervous system. Specific strokes and techniques using marble, basalt and hematite. Protocols include: exfoliation, manual massage, warm stone massage, cold stone massage, twelve points massage and honeylift massage. Skin Preparation, toning and moisturizing. Proper handling of the hot stones – including appropriate temperature and the most efficient layout. Best stones to use for facials – including size and shape – and which stones best conduct and hold heat or cold. Layout, car and cleaning of the stones. Contraindications Run time: 60 minutes

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